An Adidas store in Oxford, England, increased sales of its F50 sneaker ($270) five-fold when it tested the Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall. The company subsequently installed the technology in its Lower Broadway, Manhattan (NY) store in March.


The Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall renders products in 3-D on four 46-inch vertically-stacked touch screens. Customers can tap the play button to activate a video showing pro athletes using the product, removing a digital MiCoach tracking device in the shoe sole, plugging it into a computer and evaluating its results. At the end, all colors and styles in stock are displayed. A fitting boot next to the display allows for trying on the style. Only then does the customer need a sales associate to retrieve the desired sneakers from the stockroom. (Chain Store Age, April/May 2012)


At a time when brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to respond to encroachment from digital competition, this new in-store technology may create a bridge to capture today’s online shopper, while also increasing physical store efficiency.

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