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Fact or Fiction?

Thor/Forge Books, Macmillian’s science-fiction division, will soon be the first mainstream publisher to open an e-book store.  It will also become the first major house to strip its e-books of anti-piracy software (DRM), allowing books to be read on any e-reading device and shared with friends.  Thor’s move comes on the heels of the March  Continue Reading »

Investors Push for the New Japan

A frustrated shareholder of Nomura Holdings suggested that the company, embroiled in an insider trading inquiry, should show its shame by changing its name to Vegetable Holdings.  Beyond amusing, it is an indication of the frustration coming out of many Japanese stockholders.  In a recent survery of 1,000 institutional investors and their plans for shareholder  Continue Reading »

Profits, Not Patriotism

Google’s new wireless Nexus Q media player was designed and manufactured in America.  In recent interviews, Google’s engineers repeatedly stressed the fact that it was a significant advantage to have design close to manufacturing, especially as they closely integrate their software and hardware.  Google engineer Matt Hershenson claimed, “For us it’s really great that we  Continue Reading »

Knockoffs are fun.

The musical group “fun.” enjoyed watching its hit “We Are Young” sit atop Billboard’s Top 100 for six weeks. When the group decided to release the single in the U.K., it learned that 18 different knockoff versions of the song were already selling their and being downloaded off iTunes. It had to rush the song  Continue Reading »

A Housing and Employment Hope

The percentage of Americans who changed residences between 2010 and 2011 fell to a record low 11.6 percent. That compares with 17 percent in the recession of 1990-1991.   Could we soon see an increase?   The number of homes for sale in the U.S. stood at 2.5 million in April, the lowest number in  Continue Reading »

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