In the past year, lawsuits have been filed against:

–         A wind farm in Oregon

–         A solar plant 130 miles outside of San Francisco

–         A solar plant northeast of Los Angeles

–         A 500-megawatt wind project in a remote part of Montana


These lawsuits haven’t been filed by coal, gas or oil companies, but rather by numerous environmental groups.  A recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, “Project No Project” found 140 renewable projects that have been delayed or killed by environmental groups.  Additionally, an analysis in the journal “Policy Review” found that every one of the nearly two dozen solar, wind and geothermal projects under review in the Southwest desert faces “varying degrees of opposition from environmental groups.”  The common reason for the lawsuits –  endangered animals.


The environmental groups are definitely anti-coal and most are anti-gas.  They are pro-solar and pro-wind, but yet they are so concerned with endangered animals (not judging) that they choose to shut down these potential alternative sources.


With the abundance of U.S. gas keeping prices for that energy source low, and Chinese subsidies making profitability a challenge for U.S. solar and wind companies, what will become of the U.S. clean energy industry if it can’t even get the environmental groups on the same page?

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