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The New Adulthood

While Peter Pan might have wanted to never grow up, some otherwise age-appropriate individuals are having trouble entering anything like a traditional adulthood. For decades, society has been slowly erecting higher and higher barriers along the pathway to adulthood, to the point that no clear pathway to a socially prescribed adulthood exists. In that historical  Continue Reading »

Finding Solutions in Unusual Places

Companies that look for solutions outside of their given field or narrow band of focus are often rewarded.   UPS has developed new shipping containers made of a composite material called MacroLite, similar to that used in body armor, as well as an active fire suppression system.  Tests show that these new containers which weigh  Continue Reading »

Diapers and Bras- A Sensor Revolution

Wearable computing is just in its infancy, but already some are taking it to places we wouldn’t have imagined.  While there will be many benefits to the technology, there is a real threat of decision making continually being outsourced to technology.  Two examples recently caught our attention:   Researchers in Japan have designed an organic,  Continue Reading »

The Costs (and Benefits) of Extreme Weather

Extreme weather events and the resulting damage may be the new normal.   These seemingly constant states of emergency are creating real costs for those who fail to prepare, and in some cases, these weather events are changing the ways organizations operate.   Homeland Security officials have declared that failing to prepare for extreme weather  Continue Reading »

Solving the Complex Problem

What is the best way to solve challenging problems?  Who inside or outside the organization is best equipped to do so?   Business scholars Karim Lakhani and Lars Bo Jeppesen studied Innocentive, the service that helps connect companies that have a problem or technical challenge with ideas and solutions that anyone in the world can  Continue Reading »

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