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Drone Backlash Begins

Invasions of privacy seem to be gaining the public’s attention, as surveillance capabilities continue to expand, especially when it involves law enforcement.   After a loud public outcry, Seattle’s police force abandoned its plans to deploy surveillance drones.  Virginia’s state government has imposed a two-year moratorium on the use of drones by police in the  Continue Reading »

Defense Priorities

Much has been written about the upcoming U.S. military “pivot”.  The following are some recent facts and events, no opinions, that may illustrate future U.S. military priorities.   We currently don’t have enough intelligence to offer a new context, but we hope you find these interesting.   Focus on Asia-Pacific as a long-term objective A  Continue Reading »

The Machines Are Winning Out

The trucks are huge, measuring as tall as three stories high and carrying loads in excess of 500 metric tons.  They are constantly on the move, kicking up dust at the Rio Tinto mine in Pilbara region of Australia.  The only odd part about this massive movement of earth is the fact that the trucks  Continue Reading »