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Mailboxes and General Stores: What Year is This?

Are mailboxes and general stores new/old solutions for contemporary service?   For one, the mailbox is answering the call for delivery of online purchases.   Amazon is now teaming up with Staples, Radio Shack, 7-Eleven and Albertsons for its Amazon Locker Service.  The physical retailers will install Amazon lockers in their stores, allowing customers to buy from  Continue Reading »

Faking It

“Trust. But verify.”   That was President Ronald Reagan’s perspective on international diplomacy.  Increasingly, that is advice all individuals, all the time, need to apply.  On Amazon.com, for instance, roughly 80 percent of all reviews are four stars or higher, a positive perspective that defies human nature.  Yelp!, which knows that fake reviews undermine its  Continue Reading »

Fact or Fiction?

Thor/Forge Books, Macmillian’s science-fiction division, will soon be the first mainstream publisher to open an e-book store.  It will also become the first major house to strip its e-books of anti-piracy software (DRM), allowing books to be read on any e-reading device and shared with friends.  Thor’s move comes on the heels of the March  Continue Reading »