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Process Over Products

As we have been discussing, consumers now trust their shopping “process”, which includes things such as comparison shopping, blog reviews and friend queries more than they trust any specific product or brand.   Yabbly  is a new community-based question and answer Website and app  which allows consumers to receive feedback on potential purchases from others who  Continue Reading »

Bigger is No Longer Better

Is “too big to fail” in retailing becoming “too big is failing”?   For the past few years, we have written about the ways in which consumers have gained control over their shopping experience, and one of the results of that control is the beginning of the end of the big-box era  (see, “The Consumer  Continue Reading »

Rethinking Connectivity

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, generally accepted as the professional authority on mental illnesses, will include “Internet use disorder” in its appendix next year.  Such a position means that scientists believe there is a concern that deserves additional research before deeming it a condition.  “It is [a] basic cultural recognition,” explains psychologist  Continue Reading »